Friday, January 19, 2007

Achilles injury update

Hey Will
Good news. I felt I should run after a week off so on monday I did one hour run around the village green... just nice and gentle... feeling out the injury. It was stiff and sore at first but the discomfort got now worse so I carried on. It seemed to ease. I iced it afterwards and the next day there were no ill effects... a little stiff but certainly nowhere near as chronic as previously.
On wednesday I went out on road and did a 65 minute marathon pace run of 15k or so. I concentrated on my foot feeling balanced and flat as it hit the floor (to counter any possible pronation). Good result again...
Looks like the boy could be back in the game.


Will said...

Thats great news mate!! Keep concentrating on avoiding pronation when u run until it starts to become a little more natural!! AND CARRY ON WITH THE CALF STRETCHES!!!!
I hope all else is well, keep trying to Bodyblade as much as you can to keep your core going.
I'm off snowboarding for a week so I'll catch up with you when I get back (as long as I don't need any treatment myself!!).


Jevon said...

Yeah, maybe I'll be massaging your calves !!!

Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the injury is on the mend. Achilles are a pain, but icing after exercise and the calf stretches seem to be the best answer.

I think as we get older stretching gets more important than ever

Happy New Year
ps Have Dad out here at the moment fit and well

Jevon said...

Hi Andy... did an 80 mile bike ride on Sat and am falling apart !!! Not sure stretching alone will do it... think I need an operation... only kidding... got through it fine. Give my best to your dad... glad he's fighting fit - ask him his secret.