Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cycling revelation...

Went out on Saturday last for a 2 hour bike ride in the worst weather. Windy, rainy, hills etc. But I found myself in a strangely peaceful place. I was in the small wheel and my wheels were spinning. It was all so very effortless and pleasant as I maintained a 22mph speed.
I've realised it's much better to cycle like that - which I feel I could do forever - than forever be grinding round on a big gear, having my legs scream for mercy.


Andy said...

Ah Ha, not only will you find it easier cycling but it will make running off the bike easier.
Cadence around 96-100 and don't be afraid to change down your legs will thank you
Ironman NZ this weekend, glorious day in Taupo (apparaently) Cameron Brown has now won six of them

Jevon said...

Sound advice - and it's paying dividends. Did an organised 63 mile bike ride yesterday around the lanes of Hets, Bucks, Beds. Weather was stinking - full on headwinds, lashing rain, but did a creditable 3 and a half hours. Only came out of the small wheel twice ! But legs felt really fresh. Will check on the IM NZ results - now that would be cool eh - coming out to NZ, seeing you guys and doing IM NZ - but you'd have to do it too !!!