Monday, February 05, 2007

Watford Half Marathon

Was in two minds whether to run this race due to niggly injuries but decided to do it the night before and set myself the target of running steadily and trying to improve my PB by a minute or so. That way, I figured I'd know if my fitness was improving as I've been doing very little running and the course is very hilly and not the fastest.

All went well and I came home in a PB (by 2 mins) of 94'41" (by my watch). I tried to run steady miles which came in around 7'12" (some faster, some slower, depending on the hills). But I felt calm and comfortable and came in reasonably fresh.

Positioned 352 out of 1947 - top 20%.

Enjoyed the run.


mark said...

Hi Jevon
Your cross training is paying off.
Well done on a great performance at Watford. It is such a hilly course.
Ironmate Mark

Jevon said...

Thanks Mark... yes, it felt good... cross training is a secret weapon to fitness, eh !!