Monday, February 05, 2007

Training Monday 29th Jan - Sunday 4th Feb

Decent week. Swimming feels really good at the moment. No long bike ride on Saturday due to half marathon on Sunday but split long bike up into 3 x 1.5 hour sessions. Running still off until Watford half... sore knee, sore hamstring, sore calf, sore achilles !!!! (Apart from that, fine).


Mon Jan 29th - 45 mins swim (2km), 75 mins run off road (9 mile approx)
Tues Jan 30th - 45 mins swim (2km), 95 mins bike (no idea of distance)
Weds Jan 31st - 45 mins swim (2km)
Thurs Feb 1st - Day Off
Fri Feb 2nd - 45 mins swim (2km), 95 mins bike ride (no distance recorded)
Sat Feb 3rd - 90 mins bike (no distance)
Sun Feb 4th - 94 mins run (half marathon)


Swim - 180 mins (8km)
Bike - 280 mins
Run - 169 mins (22 miles)

Total time training 10hrs 29 mins

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