Thursday, April 26, 2007

London Marathon

The race went well. Managed to slow it right down and run a first half marathon in 1:52 and increase the pace in the second half for a 1:46 half marathon.
So, that's a negative split achieved and also a decent time in the roasting conditions of the London Marathon.
Was back the next day with a 3km lake swim. Remember after Amsterdam Marathon being totally exhausted for a week.
Pleased I was able to stick to my plan when every muscle in my body was screaming at me to run faster.
Great feeling in the last 10k, hammering past thousands of runners !!!

Marathon time 3:38 mins


Andy Fulbrook said...

Good run Jevon, sounds like you were very controlled.It is great to have that power at the end of the race.
As a weak swimmer and a relatively strong runner, I always enjoyed overtaking towards the end of a race
What sort of food intake were you running on ?
Are you putting together some long bike/runs now ?

Jevon said...

Hi Andy.
Thanks. It was the right decision I think to do it the way I did. Was able to resume training during the week.
I had a carb loading diet from my coach the three days prior to the race and took four gels during the race at 12, 14, 16 and 19 miles.
Whenever I bike now, I run immediately afterwards. Also starting to brick session. Will be doing some more 60/80 mile bikes plus a run after. Will also do some brick sessions too.
All in all, the training seems to be going well.
Saw Jim at the weekend... he told me I looked like an Aids victim, so I guess I've lost weight !!!