Friday, April 13, 2007

Open Water Swimming


I've seen the light. I have been converted. Went open water swimming for the first time last night at a quarry in Pitstone.


I loved it. Swam strong and well and the wetsuit I'd picked up the other day (my SNUGG, made to measure) felt perfect.

It's an amazing feeling of bouyancy in the wetsuit and one tends to skim across the water with greater ease than in a pool.

We're aiming to go every monday evening (never open water swim alone) which should be a hoot.

I'll keep you posted.


Andy Fulbrook said...

Wet suits certainly make a difference
I alwayed hoped pull bouys would be allowed as well! Rumour has it my feet used to score the bottom of the pool, so any buoyancy aid is great.
I did most of my tris in the sea- which is not as nice as freshwater.

Jevon said...

Yeah , I can imagine the sea is a whole different ball game. I'm finding the bouyancy is great. suddenly my weight means I'm not at a disadvantage! (Unlike cycling up hills!)

Am running London this w/e then off to our Golf w/e the following with Dan and Jim.