Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hip news...

I've decided to reclaim the physical high ground from my hip.

I'm not ready to let this small joint dictate what the rest of a supremely fit body can do.

So, last night, I disappeared into my changing room and made myself a DIY orthotic, cutting up an old insole. It gently pushes my foot inwards to correct what I feel was happening with my right foot. I went for a 5k run and focussed on foot striking cleanly and balanced, not letting my hip roll or my foot start to pronate (if that's the right one).

I also went back to my old running style. Harder impact, longer strides.

I finished with optimism. There was pain in the glute but no problem in the IT band and only a faint hip pain. Last night in bed there was a bit more hip pain but this morning it was not too bad.

Today I did an Olympic triathlon as training. 2km swim, 43km bike ride and 10km run. On the run I worked on the same disciplines. The pain was much more manageable. There IS pain in the hip but I feel I'm beginning to contain it by regulating my gait and am thinking this might be half the problem.

I feel more in control and pro active rather than reactive.

As I speak I have good mobility (I'm icing and cold bathing after each run) and some pain in the hip. But even in my walking I'm focussing on keeping a straight leg and balanced foot.

So, we're going to keep on with IT band and glutes manipulation with Will (especially glutes) and we'll see what the Doc comes up with tomorrow in terms of cortisone injections.

This approach is much more 'me'... there can be only one winner in this situation !!! The hip is going to have to run and that's the end of it. It's just a case of how it runs !!

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