Monday, June 04, 2007

Training Monday May 21st to Sunday June 3rd

A two week training history to catch up on. Let's call them week 1 and week 2.

Week 1 (from memory)

Was feeling very weak and flu-ey and tired. Managed several sessions of swimming and a couple of bike sessions for an hour or so but did manage a 50 mile ride just before going on holiday to Portugal.

Week 2

On holiday in Portugal. Swam every day for at least half an hour, sometimes in the sea, somtimes in the pool with swimming rope. Did some running in the pool too.
On saturday returned home and did a 5km run - bad news is my hip injury is no better at all. Think we need to switch to Plan B and instigate alternative treatments.
On Sunday 3rd did an easy 36 mile bike ride. Still getting the sharp pain around my right patella but figure this is just an occupational hazard of riding so much.


Dave Jones said...

Not long to go now and it will have all been really worth while. When I'm watching Channel 4 and they have celebrity snippets, Gordon Ramsay mentions his ultimate goal is an Iron Man and you're just about to complete and compete in one. Fantastic achievement. Hang in there these last few weeks and you'll have some amazing memories to look back on. Best of luck, you deserve it.
Davey Jones

Jevon said...

Thanks Dave
Got to say I'm looking forward to it. Usual last minute niggles that accompany any big undertaking of mine!!